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What is a "Dango"?

A Dango is a Japanese dumpling that is produced from a mixture of rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and uruchi rice flour. Although it is consumed year-round, specific types are often consumed during particular seasons. Dango are a sweet Japanese rice dumplings and typically made in a circular form. They are a truly remarkable treat because of their chewy texture and assortment of tastes. They are a typical Japanese treat that are fairly casual and commonplace and go particularly well with matcha tea and green tea.

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Questions About Dango

What does Dango taste like?

Simple dango balls have a sweet rice flavor. Although it seems uninteresting, the texture is what sets this Japanese dessert apart. Soft, chewable, and yet sufficiently firm and flavoursome. A garnish such as sweetened black sesame paste, sweet soy sauce, or sweet red bean paste is included with some dangos. Dango is either eaten hot or cold. You may eat dango warm or cold. Both methods are delectable!

What is the difference between Dango and Mochi?

The primary distinction between mochi and dango is that Mochi is produced from steamed rice grains, whilst Dango is created from rice flour. However, rice flour is used to make a lot of contemporary mochi.

More Types than the Classic:

Popular Flavors of Dango

Anko dango

Sweetened red bean paste with edamame and walnut

Cha dango

Green tea (matcha) flavor

Shoyu dango

Baked dango season in soy sauce

Goma dango

Dango covered in sesame paste offering a sweet and salty taste

Kinako dango

Made with toasted soy flour

Mitarashi dango

covered in a special syrup called shouyu sauce

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