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The Sim card can clone all the data from your original Sim card including pin code
It can clone the ki and IMSI code
It can contain 16 different Sim card content, You may change your current phone number
operation to another by the selection list
Easy to read the phonebook of Sim card and save to PC
Can write the phonebook saved in the PC to another new Sim card
Read, edit, backup telephone directory and SMS
Leisurely create, edit, backup mobile ring tones and pictures (only for Nokia phone)
Plug and play, easy to operation

Save up to 16 different Sims to this super Sim card
Support for 16 different provider names on the same card
You can use the 16 in 1 Sim Card as your original Sim card
Compatible with GSM 32K and 64k
Suitable for those who have several Sim cards to backup and modify information and clone into the blank Sim card
Information safekeeping, set, cancel, manage mobile pin password
Change mobile phone number without turning off mobile phone
Supports USB 2.0 to read and write quickly
System requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Size: 2.8 x 6cm

Posted by wendy200924 on 09:06 PM 08/24/09

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