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Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery' s specs: Li-ion, 49WH, 11.1V, which compatible parts#: INSPIRON 6000 , INSPIRON 9200 , INSPIRON 9300 , Inspiron 9400 , Inspiron E1705 , Inspiron XPS Gen 2 , Inspiron XPS M170 , Inspiron XPS M1710 , Precision M6300 , Precision M90 , .... ROHS international standards, green battery, no pollution. Replacement battery. Li-ion cell, no memory. Overcharge and overheat protection, safe used. Perfect blend of functionality, portability and style, powerful for both work and amusement. So, the Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop battery very okay.
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Dell INSPIRON 600M Battery:(14.80V 2200mAh/33WH,4400mAh,) Dell INSPIRON 600M Laptop Battery for Dell INSPIRON 600M SERIES, LATITUDE D500 SERIES, LATITUDE D505 SERIES, etc at low price.


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