Replacement for HP iPAQ hx2495 PDA Batteries

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Fits Models:
HP iPAQ hx2495,HP IPAQ HX2000 SERIES,HP IPAQ HX2400 SERIES,HP IPAQ HX2700 SERIES,HP IPAQ RX3100 SERIES,HP IPAQ RX3400 SERIES,HP IPAQ RX3700 SERIES,HP iPAQ hx2490,HP iPAQ hx2415,HP iPAQ hx2410,HP iPAQ hx2400,HP iPAQ hx2190,HP iPAQ hx2000,HP iPAQ hx2100,HP iPAQ hx2110,HP IPAQ RX3000 SERIES,HP IPAQ RX3000,HP iPAQ hx2700,HP iPAQ hx2750,HP iPAQ hx2755,HP iPAQ hx2790,HP iPAQ hx2795,HP iPAQ rx3100,HP iPAQ rx3115,HP iPAQ rx3400,HP iPAQ rx3417
Compatible with Battery Code:
HP 360136-001, HP 364401-001, HP 367205-001, HP 367858-001, HP FA285A, HP FA285A#AC3
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Posted by wenwenlucky on 12:20 AM 03/08/11

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