54000mAh Universal Solar Power Charger

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This super solar charger is a convenient, compact, multi-purpose rechargeable external battery pack that provides back-up power and extended run time for laptops. It also can be used to many digital devices, such as Mobile phones, PDAs, i-PODs, MP3/MP4, etc.


The Solar Laptop Charger is that if you don't have sun, you can still have portable power by charging up the 16,000mAh internal battery in a wall socket and waltzing off to wherever it is you need backup power. It just takes less than 3 hours of wall charging to fill it up and the internal battery provides 3 - 5 hours of run time for your laptop with a full charge.

100% Safety Approved
This universal power adapter is NOT built cheap. The 16000mAh Solar Laptop Charger is built strong and durable and comes with important safety features such as overload protection-- to make sure extra electricity is never sent to your electronic devices, and short circuit protection-- to protect your electronics when accidentally connected with an incompatible adapter tip. If you want to power your expensive electronics on-the-go, then it will help you do that, all day long, and all while keeping your electronics 100% safe from harm.This portable solar charger also comes with a voltage selection button to ensure full compatibility with a wide variety of electronic products, such as; MP3/MP4 players, portable DVD players,


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