EVA polyurea spraying fender

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EVA polyurea spraying fender:(for ship use) uses EVA as medium to absorb the energy from impact. Compared with traditional bumper-style rubber fender, it have the excellent advantage of resistant to scratching, pricking, friction, sea water, acid and alkali, can work under extreme temperatures,safety and maintenance-free with working life as long as 10 to 15 years.and Various colors are offered according to the customers' demands. Solid but light, easy to install and move. absorbing greater impact, less reverse impact on the ships, easy installation, more elasticity, not being bent out of shape under pressure, less weight and practical and economical. So the fender has widespread application on oil tankers, container vessels, luxury yachts, ocean platforms, larges shipyards, military ports and larger underwater foundations of bridges, etc.
Posted by shipairbagfender on 03:29 AM 09/06/11

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